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This page contains quick facts about the most recent election, a breakdown of the votes for each position,
a detailed analysis of the voting behaviour as a whole, a countywide comparison and historical elections information. Enjoy!

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Elected Officials

The Elected Officals of Port Hope.
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2018 Voting Breakdown

The simple votes and percentages by candidate, and spoiled or declined ballots.
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Votes for Mayor

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2018 Candidate Information

Candidates in the last Municipal Elections are listed under the position they are running for.
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Candidates for Mayor

Name Date Filed Election Spending

2018 Voter Participation

An analysis of the voter turnout to better understand participation.

Voter Turnout

pie_chart Of the 13,034 registered voters in Port Hope, 5,846 (44.9%) showed up to cast ballots and 7,188 did not. The vast majority of people voted by internet (84.8%).

Voting by Position

bar_chart Voter participation was fairly consistent through the Mayoral (44.8%), Ward 1 (45.5%) and Ward 2 (41.7%) positions, however Ward 2 participation was slightly lower.

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Voting by Age

bar_chart The absolute largest age group were those in their 60's (1,659 ballots cast - 61.4% turnout) , while those in their 70's produced the best turnout (1279 ballots cast - 65.6% turnout). Ballots cast and turnout consistently declines moving in either direction of these age groups.

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Voting by Gender

pie_chart There were 493 more eligible female voters. The female voting population had a 2.9% better turnout than males. There were 11 Other/Unknown voters of which 1 (9.1%) voted.

Turnout - Females

Turnout - Males

Turnout - Other/Unknown

Voting Method by Gender

pie_chart The method of voting was similar between the genders, with males 1.3% more likely to use internet voting. The 1 Other/Unknown voter used the internet to vote.

Method - Females

Method - Males

Method - Other/Unknown

Voting by Age Groups

bar_chart In both genders, the younger age groups are more likely to vote by internet. Relative phone voting almost always increases with age with the exception of women in their 90's who utilized internet voting 80.5% of the time, more often than women in their 70-80's and men in their 80-90's. The 1 Other/Unknown voter, who used the internet to vote, was in the 80's age group.

Age Groups - Females

Age Groups - Males

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Advanced Voting

bar_chart There were 13 days of advanced voting. 4,016 (68.7%) voters chose to cast their ballot prior to election day, while 1,830 (31.3%) voters cast a ballot on Election Day.

2018 County Comparison

A look at other municipalities throughout the County.

Election Turnouts

bar_chart Port Hope had the second highest population of registered voters and produced the third highest turnout in Northumberland County. The average turnout across the province was 37.66%.

Elections History

Local participation over the years, the durations of council members, and elections document archive.

Historical Voter Turnout

bar_chart In the past 4 elections, 2014 saw the largest turnout at 49.9% and 2018 has the lowest at 44.9%.

Duration of Council Members

clear_all This timeline shows the members of councils that have served. It also makes clear which members have served for multiple terms.

Historical Candidate Financial Statements

cloud_download This section gives access to past financial statements from all candidates who have run for council positions.